Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Review: Unveiling All the Details Ahead of Launch

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Review

“We’ve Expanded Our Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review Rumor Hub with a Leaked Image Showing the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic on the Wrist of a Premier League Player.”

“Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review: A Familiar Release Pattern with Speculated Pricing”

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Review

Samsung’s smartwatch releases have historically followed a well-established pattern, with the exception of the Galaxy Watch Active, which was unveiled in February 2019 and launched in March of the same year. All other Galaxy Watch models were typically announced in August and released a few weeks later. The Active 2, although technically launched in September, was announced the previous month alongside the rest of the lineup.

This year, we anticipate the new generation to be revealed during the Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for this summer in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung already announced the Galaxy Unpacked launch date on July 6, with the event set to take place on July 26, where we expect to witness the unveiling of the new smartwatches.

As for pricing, it’s a trickier subject to speculate on given the current market conditions. Last year, the Galaxy Watch 5 series was priced at $279 for the base model, while the Pro model, available in only one size, was launched at $449. Additionally, each option had an additional charge for its respective LTE version. These launch prices for the 5-series were approximately $30 higher than the previous generation.

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It’s possible that this trend may continue with the upcoming generation. A recent leak from Dealabs Magazine suggests that in France, the 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 Bluetooth version could be priced at €319.99, while the 4G version might be €369.99. These prices would mark a €100 increase compared to the fourth-generation models in France. The leak also claimed that the 44mm model could be priced at €349.99 for the Bluetooth version and €399.99 for the 4G variant. However, it remains unclear if the US market will experience a similar price increase.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review: Colors, bands, design, and sizes

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Review

The Galaxy Watch 5 didn’t introduce any significant design overhaul to the Galaxy Watch series. In fact, our reviewer experienced a sense of déjà vu while unboxing the device for the review. Nevertheless, this lack of substantial change isn’t necessarily a complaint, as the watches still boast an elegant aesthetic, captivating AMOLED displays, and impressive specifications. With a winning design already in place, it’s likely that Samsung will continue to deliver a similar experience with their latest iteration.

Will there still be a Galaxy Watch 6 Pro review? We doubt it.

According to renders obtained by WinFuture, it appears that both the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and the Galaxy Watch 6 will offer a variety of color options. For the Galaxy Watch 6, there will be three color choices: Black, Cream, and Silver. On the other hand, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will come in two color offerings: Black (as seen on Son Heung-min) and Silver.

The information from the Dealabs Magazine leak aligns with this, but with a breakdown of colors based on size and model. Allegedly, the 40mm version of the Watch 6 will be available in Graphite or Cream, while the 44mm version will offer Graphite or Silver options. As for the Classic variant, both the 43mm and 47mm versions will be available in Black or Silver.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review: Specs

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Review

Regarding the specifications, the Galaxy Watch 6 series is expected to feature a slightly improved processor. Information from a regulatory filing indicates that the Galaxy Watch 6 will be equipped with the Exynos W930 SoC, an upgrade from the W920 found in the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4 models. However, it’s worth noting that the newer chipset carries the same model number (S5E5515) as the older one, suggesting that the physical architecture remains unchanged but has undergone minor modifications to justify a new name. In essence, users can anticipate an overclocked version of last year’s chipset rather than an entirely new device.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review: Latest features

In early May, Samsung made a significant announcement, revealing some key features that will be introduced with the Galaxy Watch 6. These additions will be part of One UI 5 Watch, a fresh version of the skin based on Wear OS 4.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Review

One of the standout features in this update is the Fitbit-like sleep tracking. Users will receive a word-based numeric score and a delightful animal representation, providing a personalized view of their sleep history. Additionally, the platform will offer helpful suggestions for improving sleep habits. Unlike Fitbit’s approach, Samsung’s sleep tracking feature will not be restricted behind a paywall, making it accessible to all users.

While specific details regarding other tracking enhancements in the next generation are not yet available, it’s likely that the watch will retain a range of sensors. These may include an accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, and Samsung’s BioActive sensor, which encompasses optical heart rate (PPG), electrocardiogram (ECG), and bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) sensors. The Galaxy Watch 6 is also expected to include a temperature sensor, although we hope to see more innovative applications for this feature.